Welcome to my humble blog! Try not to mind the new kitchen smell, I’m growing into it slowly. I know it is much better to walk into a cozy kitchen with the scent of baking chocolate chip cookies wafting through the air, but every gal has to start somewhere.

As of right this moment, I am a 19-year-old college student; I am not only studying International Affairs, but I am also pre-med (bless my schedule…). And while my label is “student” and my job is to learn until my brain collapses, I feel that there is so much more to life than books and studying…like France, cycling, food, and just the basic joie de vivre that so many people have lost site of in these past few years, especially in the United States.

But I digress.

The basis of this blog is anything and everything food (and, um, France). I love food. I love eating.  I love exploring the culture behind food and I love new experiences. And hey, I love the idea of having a place of my very own to express my ideas, my obsession with France, and my food adventures. There is nothing more exciting than a brand new avenue of communication.

I have had a love for food and culture for as long as I can remember. As a first generation Greek-American, family time usually revolves around eating, as do celebrations. Eating is in my blood, so to speak. More recently, I have slowly begun a “foodie transformation”. I will always love comfort foods that I can eat in my pajamas but there is something magical and telling about enjoying a new, exciting meal in a restaurant that I never would have thought to visit before. And now that I am getting older, my appreciation for a good meal is only getting stronger.

And while this post has me feeling vain and selfish, I think it’s important that any readers understand where I’m coming from (and I’m crossing my fingers that people actually *read* my ramblings).

Bienvenue and happy eating 🙂