Chamomile & mint iced tea

When I get bored, I browse food blogs. It is something that I have become oh so good at, especially in the morning when I am procrastinating (ok dreading) getting ready for work. And I don’t know how I passed over this gem in my past food blog visits, but when I saw (and I mean really, mouthwateringly saw) this “recipe” for Chamomile & mint iced tea, I knew I had to have it.

I did not, however, use any sugar to sweeten my iced tea. Or honey for that matter. Somehow I’ve grown out of the idea that iced tea needs to be saturated with sugar to be enjoyable and found myself in another extreme…no sweetening for me, please. If I had tasted the tea and found it to be a bit bitter or in need of some extra flavor, I wouldn’t hesitate to add in a dollop of honey. But, as an avid tea drinker, I find that this drink is perfect just the way it is, with all of the flavors stripped down and bare for the tastebuds to enjoy.

I made my iced tea using Lipton’s Quietly Chamomile and fresh mint leaves from the backyard herb garden. And I have to tell you, it. is. spectacular. I only wish that it were one of those dripping hot summer evenings; you know, the kind that you read about in novels with people sitting on front porches, fanning themselves with one hand and holding a cold drink in the other. This Chamomile & mint iced tea is that refreshing.

Two thumbs from moi.