Friends-with-benefits tart

You take one deliciously proofed tart crust, fill it with bittersweet chocolate, and top with more bittersweet chocolate shavings. All together, the butteriness of the crust is balanced out by the sweet yet bitter flavor of the semi-sweet chocolate.

The recipe? Chocolate tart. It’s clearly what every girl should bake when things with her love interest are going less than spectacularly and she’s up at 2:40 in the morning, unable to relax [insert indifferently sarcastic yet sad baking smiley here].

Unfortunately, I could not actually bake this tart as I happened to eat all of my dark chocolate before it could go into any sort of delicious confection (which I’m sure is contributing to my sleepless night). I can, however, say that Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate is amazing and everyone should give it a try. It’s far from being milky sweet, which is a nice break from Hershey’s milk chocolate that I so often find myself with, and has just the right amount of bite.

So yes, go out and get yourself from Green & Black’s 70% dark. Dark chocolate lovers will not be disappointed.

(I would also like to apologize for this poorly put together post. I realize it probably sounds like scrambled eggs, so please forgive me!)