Coffee granita

You take 4 cups of strongly brewed coffee, mix in some sugar + vanilla extract + grated orange peel, freeze for 45 minutes, whisk, freeze solid for about 3 hours, and then scrape, scrape, scrape.

As it may have been guessed from my “Friends-with-benefits tarts” post, I am having issues on the man front. I’d rather not go into details as this is a cooking and food and loving life blog, but sometimes a girl just has to express her feelings and emotions. I just happen to choose to do so with food.

Any girl can attest to the fact that having a friend who is more than a friend but less than a lover is rough. It is hard to keep emotions out of the mixture, especially for me since I tend to wear my emotions in bold print on my sleeve.

But there comes a point in the faux relationship when a girl needs to be strong and stand up for her needs and wants and requirements. It takes a lot to be courageous and vouch for yourself but it is something that I am always aiming for; I have always wanted to be the girl that people look at and say “wow, she has gumption”.

So what is better to make at a time like this than a coffee granita? Grating orange peel and scraping frozen coffee relieves so much stress and frustration. Plus the results are pretty darn tasty.