French Women For All Seasons

French Women For All Seasons

I just recently received French Women For All Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes, & More by Mireille Guiliano. And having never really gotten into the French Women Don’t Get Fat craze, I more than respect the knowledge that she has shared with hordes of American women. I just simply never envisioned myself reading either of her books.

But now, as I’m sitting here sipping coffee and flipping through the book (and, well, typing), I am wondering why the heck I was ever so skeptical and/or cynical. This book isn’t *just* about how to control portions, which is what I was afraid of. It has [delectable] French recipes {ranging from goat cheese and fennel tartines to rabbit loin with hazelnuts}, fashion, food culture…my trifecta of F’s, the three things that I am most interested in. There’s even a section on the many varieties of cheese [insert excitable screaming of “I LOVE CHEESE” here]. And of course her message of feeling good in your skin while enjoying food and life in general doesn’t lose the attention of a modern girl, as body image is something so, so fragile these days.

The main idea, though, is seasonal eating; i.e. eating the fruits and vegetables that are in season for that particular time of the year. And although I feel like seasonal eating is something that should be so obvious, it quite apparently is not considering the constant supply of bananas and apples in my kitchen, no matter the time of year. I’m a college student so I simply cannot afford to give up my simple fruit supply (because then I guarantee I’d be getting no fruit in my diet, other than the canned variety, come school time), but the basic ideas seem so easy to employ into any eater’s life. I guess I’ll find out…


The last day of the Tour de France…I’ve chosen to drown my sorrows in dark chocolate and¬†French recipes. ¬†

Bittersweet comfort

Bittersweet comfort

It wasn’t two years ago that I was standing at the top of Le Champs Elysees, waiting for the arrival of the peloton. Hours of waiting. Hours of stomach-aching anticipation. The electricity I felt when the riders flew by is impossible to explain. All for a quick taste of le Tour.

Watching the final day on TV just makes my heart hurt. I wish this race could go all. year. long. I just love it. Cycling is such an emotional sport and I cannot help but become emotionally attached to riders I see year after year, as well as new riders who have proven their mettle and shocked the world. It’s made me laugh, it’s made me cry, it’s made me angry. Cycling is such a beautiful metaphor for life, it’s a sport of the people, it’s tough and gritty and down to earth yet magical and stunning at the same time.

Luck is like the Tour de France. You wait and it flashes past you. You have to catch it while you can ~Amelie

Congrats to Carlos Sastre and all of the riders. I will now retreat back to my chocolate and mentally urging the riders to slow down to prolong the stage, thankyouverymuch