Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks

I’m not a typical cookie baker. I do love cookies, but if I’m baking I’d rather have cupcakes or cake or some other odd confection 90% of the time. This is mostly because I have had very bad experiences with baking cookies. The first time I tried to bake them myself, the result was disastrous (and keep in mind, these were of the the pour the mix-add the eggs/water-bake variety). So, needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive when I decided that, yes, I want to bake these cookies.

Part of the pressure for greatness stems from the fact that these were not cookies for myself, they were for a close friend’s birthday. And he is a peanut butter cookie aficionado. Choosing the recipe is always the easy part…

Things started out smoothly. I gathered all my materials, let the butter reach room temperature, and begin mixing away. I then put the dough in the refrigerator to chill, just as the recipe says. It’s not until after I take the chilled dough out that I realize I somehow misread the recipe and had used granulated sugar instead of brown sugar. Crap. Strike one against successful cooking baking.

Since I determined that a sugar switch wouldn’t make a gigantic deal in the long run, I kept on plugging with the chilled dough. Strike number 2 occured when I decided that I want to make larger cookies instead of the recommended yield of 27. Again, not devastating but for a few minutes there I though the inside of my cookies would never good while the outside continued to get darker and darker. And then I forgot to turn the oven on (who knows why I even turned it off, just a habit…) for bath #2, which led to strike number three: me having a fit after getting caught up in something else and realizing I forgot my cookies in the oven, running to check them, and then seeing that they were still just great big balls of dough.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a cookie guru. But considering everything that could have gone wrong, these cookies came out pretty splendidly (I know because I *had* to taste test one…or two…before sending them off to their fate). The bittersweet chocolate definitely balanced out the peanut butter’s salty flavor, but I think in the future, if I ever use this recipe again, I’ll be using low salt PB. I felt like it was a little too overwhelming at times. But hey, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter so a girl can’t complain too much…